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Grand Skylight Garden Hotel Shenzhen Tianmian City Building Tianmian City Building is located at the junction of the city's core business center area and the bustling commercial area of Huaqiangbei. It is only a short distance from the Convention and Exhibition Center, Civic Center, Huanggang Port and Futian Port.

Grand Skylight Garden Hotel Shenzhen Tianmian City Building is a boutique business hotel managed by Grand Skylight Hotel Management Company. The hotel is stylish and simple in design. It is surrounded by a 160-square-meter green central park, just like a leafy green boat in a bustling downtown. The scenery is pleasant and the view is wide. At the same time, every two floors are equipped with a unique design and a green garden surrounded by greenery. The entire environment is transparent and spacious, making guests feel warm and comfortable, which is the best choice for business travel. Plus one of the well-appointed guest rooms, catering, conferences and banquets, as well as leisure and entertainment facilities, will surely make you happy while traveling.

The hotel has more than two hundred (set) stylish and elegant, well-equipped rooms, each room is equipped with a large-screen LCD TV, high-speed broadband Internet access, so that guests can handle official business at hand at any time during the business trip. The hotel also has an executive floor for business travellers.

Different restaurants cater to the tastes of different guests. Whether it is a business banquet or a family and friends gathering, there is a variety of cuisines.

Multiple multi-functional meeting rooms with different specifications, advanced audio equipment, and complete meeting facilities can meet your different meeting requirements. There are also 238 parking spaces, providing convenient conditions for various banquets, conferences and exhibitions.

The hotel also has a gym, outdoor swimming pool and other leisure and entertainment programs to make your business trip more enjoyable.